Contractor Selection and Management in Times of Labour Shortage 

Contractors leaving the market has made it significantly difficult for safety, procurement and supply chain leaders to source qualified contractors, and while there is no ‘quick fix’ to resolve the current situation, it’s essential for businesses to think and act strategically when it comes to sourcing and managing contractors. 

In our new guide, we explore:

  • Key aspects that are driving organisations to improve contractor management strategies

  • The impact of the skills gap and labour shortage

  • How to overcome labour shortage

  • 14 critical areas of contractor pre-qualification 

About Alcumus:

Alcumus is a leading provider of technology-led risk management solutions providing clients with advice, expertise and support to help them identify and mitigate risks, navigate compliance. Alcumus connects verified suppliers and contractors in a two-way commitment to ethical best practice and sustainable business growth. This allows businesses to get robust, accurate and verified information so you can make informed decisions about your suppliers and contractors across your entire supply chain ecosystem.